This rank is a permanent rank. This VIP rank includes:

-Cool New Prefix

-Weekly Keys For Immortal Crates


-Set 5 homes



-$5,000 in game money

-Furniture Limit increase to 40

-The Perks from your Towny rank

-Perks from lower vip ranks

The perks will differ depending on which game mode you play on. Obviously on the vanilla server, none of the bonuses will be active from using plugins such as cosmetics as that would destroy the purpose of “Vanilla”. As of right now, the items you receive only apply to the Towny mode.




This VIP’s crates comes with the chance to win the following items:
  • Increased chance for more Rare/Epic Mystery boxs – Contains particles, pets, trails, gadgets +
  • Furniture
  • Decorative Heads