Skyblock Addition!

Through the hard work and effort of the staff team, we have finally officially released skyblock!

We have done our absolute best to rush this out for all those who are anxious for another challenge. Skyblock is by far one of the most popular modes right now and so we bring to you our edition of it!

The goal is to have the maps change ever real life season based on the US seasons. Mobs are more rare and can only be gotten by spawners. The values of everything are higher so it takes longer to get to the top. And spawners have a limit so that when they are used up they don’t work any more and you have to win new ones. But no worries! There are plenty of ways to get new spawners simply by voting and playing! For each hour you spend on skyblock you’ll get a key which will give you prizes, and there is a chance to win a spawner, same with voting.

There are 4 different categories of spawners. Common, Unique, Rare, and Epic. If you get lucky to get an epic spawner, use it wisely! The nether is given to players through the warp and at the end of the season, the end will open up and players have a week to kill the ender dragon as the last event for the season. And there will be a prize for the person who kills the ended dragon. Obviously lots of players will want it so be prepared to fight for the right to kill it!

This version of skyblock is definitely aimed more towards pvp. We have a dueling arena where you can challenge players to a duel and bet items, armor, money, and more! We are also adding and fixing things daily, but the goal is to create something truly unique in the end.

Feel free to leave comments on what you’d like to see in the skyblock realm and we will do our best to incorporate it! Don’t forget to check out our discord!

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